Configure SABnzbd

Configure SABnzbd

Installing Media Server Applications on Synology

Learn how to install sabnzbd, transmission, jackett, sonarr and radarr via docker on your Synology NAS

full course
  1. What are the Media Server Applications?
  2. Prepare Synology for Media Components
  3. Sabnzbd Prerequisites
  4. Install the SABnzbd Container
  5. Configure SABnzbd
  6. Install the Sonarr Container
  7. Configuring Sonarr
  8. Installing Jackett
  9. Installing Transmission with OpenVPN
  10. Adding Bittorrent to Sonarr
  11. Create a Radarr Container
  12. Configuring Radarr

In the last section we got SABnzbd installed, now we need to configure it and make sure that we can successfully download a file via an NZB

Configuring the Wizard

We should be at the sabnzbd page via the port we configured (http://${your nas ip address}:28080)

Select english and hit Start Wizard. On the next page enter your newhosting (or whatever usenet provider you use) information

Use the Test Server button to confirm your configuration and then hit Next. You should see the wizard complete page.

Ignore the folders for now. We’ll have to update them, but we’ll do that later. Also, these ports are most likely incorrect (we’re using 28080, not 8080), so the Go to SABnzbd button will most likely break. Just alter your url to point to 28080 instead and reload the page. You should end up at a page like this:

Click the gear in the upper right to get to the config page. Click on the General tab. Change SABnzbd Port to 28080 and hit Save Changes. This will restart SABnzbd. After it comes back up, go back to the configuration page. There are no other changes needed on the General page.

On the Folders tab we’re going to change Temporary Download Folder, so hit Browse and click the .. line until you get back to the root (/) folder (you start in /config/Downloads/incomplete by default, so you’ll hit it 3 times). Here choose /incomplete-downloads, which is the same volume we mounted in the docker compose file in the last section. Then scroll down and hit the Accept button.

Similarly for Completed Download Folder, change it to /downloads. Change Permissions for completed downloads to 777. We’ll need that so that sonarr and radarr can access the files SABnzbd downloads. Click Save Changes.

I think that’s it. Lets try it out. Go to your indexer and find any NZB file (preferably, a small one). Download it and drag the file into the Add NZB space on the main SAB page.

As the file is being downloaded, confirm that it shows up in the incomplete file location on the NAS (/video/sabnzbd/incomplete). When it finishes, make sure its in the completed file location on the NAS (/video/sabnzbd/complete)

Excellent! Let me know in the comments if you use categories and if there’s a better way to manage them.

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