Create a Radarr Container

Create a Radarr Container

Installing Media Server Applications on Synology

Learn how to install sabnzbd, transmission, jackett, sonarr and radarr via docker on your Synology NAS

full course
  1. What are the Media Server Applications?
  2. Prepare Synology for Media Components
  3. Sabnzbd Prerequisites
  4. Install the SABnzbd Container
  5. Configure SABnzbd
  6. Install the Sonarr Container
  7. Configuring Sonarr
  8. Installing Jackett
  9. Installing Transmission with OpenVPN
  10. Adding Bittorrent to Sonarr
  11. Create a Radarr Container
  12. Configuring Radarr

Radarr is almost exactly the same as Sonarr except its for movies instead. Installing a container and configuring the application is very similar to sonarr.

Creating the Container

The docker repository for radarr is here. The configuration documentation is here as well.

Again, SSH into your NAS and edit the docker-compose.yml file. Add this text

    container_name: radarr
      - PUID="${PUID}"
      - PGID="${PGID}"
      - TZ="${TZ}"
      - /volume1/docker/radarr:/config
      - /volume1/video/completed/movies:/movies
      - /volume1/video/sabnzbd/complete:/usenet-downloads
      - /volume1/video/transmission/complete:/bt-downloads
      - 33080:7878
    restart: unless-stopped

ctrl-o, enter, ctrl-x to save.

Restart docker-compose

sudo docker-compose down
sudo docker-compose up -d

Confirm that the container is up in portainer and you can access radarr at http://${your nas ip}:33080

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