Adding Bittorrent to Sonarr

Adding Bittorrent to Sonarr

Installing Media Server Applications on Synology

Learn how to install sabnzbd, transmission, jackett, sonarr and radarr via docker on your Synology NAS

full course
  1. What are the Media Server Applications?
  2. Prepare Synology for Media Components
  3. Sabnzbd Prerequisites
  4. Install the SABnzbd Container
  5. Configure SABnzbd
  6. Install the Sonarr Container
  7. Configuring Sonarr
  8. Installing Jackett
  9. Installing Transmission with OpenVPN
  10. Adding Bittorrent to Sonarr
  11. Create a Radarr Container
  12. Configuring Radarr

Lets go back to sonarr configuration for a minute and show how to add bittorrent indexer and download client.

Configure an Indexer

Open up sonarr (https://${your nas address}:31080) and got to the Settings/Indexers page. Click on the big plus. Choose Torznab Custom.

Now open up jackett (https://${your nas address}:9117). Click Add Indexer. Find one you like and hit the plus button

It will show up in your Indexer list. You can follow the directions under Adding a Jackett indexer in Sonarr or Radarr, but I’m going to go through them as well.

Click Copy Torznab Feed. Paste into the URL field in Sonarr. Copy the API Key from Step 3 on Jackett. Paste into API Key on Sonarr. Now click the wrench on the Indexer in jackett. Scroll through the categories to find the appropriate show categories you are interested and add them to the sonarr Categories field (comma delimited).

Hit Save. Do this for as many indexers as you like.

Configuring Download Client

Click on the settings tab for Download Client. Click the big plus. Choose Transmission. Name is Transmission. Host is the IP to your NAS. Port is your transmission port (32080). Category is tv.

Hit Test and Save when that succeeds. Scroll down to Remote Path Mappings. Click the plus. Host is the NAS IP. Remote Path is the location where bittorrent is going to put your completed files (the BT download location, ours is /complete/) and the local path is the location sonarr is looking for them (ours is /bt-downloads/).

Hit Save.


Locate another test file in sonarr. Thsi time when you click manual search, locate a torrent to test with

Then click add to download queue. Check the activity tab and the transmission client to see that it’s being queued correctly. It should end up in the /transmission/completed/tv directory and sonarr will move it to the completed/tv directory.

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