Backup Synology to BackBlaze Prerequisites

Backup Synology to BackBlaze Prerequisites

Backup Your Synology NAS to BackBlaze

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  1. Backup Synology to BackBlaze Prerequisites
  2. Setup WebDAV Sync to Your External Drive
  3. Map Your USB Drive as an External Drive on Your NAS
  4. Sync Your External Drive to BackBlaze

In this course I’ll explain how to backup your Synology NAS to BackBlaze using the personal backup plan. This will allow you to backup ‘unlimited’ data at a low annual rate. Although Synology cloud sync allows you to backup to BackBlaze via B2 this service could get quite expensive for backing up large amounts of data.


We’re going to install a USB HDD to your personal computer. Backblaze personal lets you backup drives that are installed in your personal computer which includes any USB HDD that is attached.

Then we’ll configure the NAS to sync its files to the USB. This makes them available to BackBlaze, but also gives you a portable backup solution that you can remove in case of an emergency or to transfer data external to your network.

Finally, we’ll setup BackBlaze personal to backup the data on the USB HDD. Then you’ll just have to wait while your HDD backs up your data across your broadband connection (which might be slow and/or costly depending on your provider)


You’ll need an external USB HDD to connect to your personal computer.

I use an 8TB USB 3.0 HDD. No matter what, you’ll want to use a USB 3.0 HDD. If you need a larger drive, you could consider one of these.

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