Login to NextCloud

Login to NextCloud

Install NextCloud on Synology

Installing nextcloud on your Synology NAS

full course
  1. Setup and Install NextCloud On Synology
  2. NextCloud Configuration
  3. Login to NextCloud

Finally, we’ll want to login and do the final setup.

Go to your nextcloud url (https://nexcloud.your_domain.com). You’ll be presented with an admin account creation screen. Create the first user/admin. You can turn off additional nextcloud features here, but for now, leave them on.

Click on files in the top left

Drag and drop a file from your system into the window. It should upload the file into your nextcloud space.

You can confirm the file was uploaded by reviewing the /volume1/docker/nextcloud/data/${user name}/files directory and see your file there (via SSH or File Station).

Right click on the file in nextcloud and select details.

In the details panel on the right, select sharing and click the plus next to share link

This will allow the file to be shared and give you a copy of the link to the file. It also lets you get the link again in the future

Copy the link into a new tab and confirm that it has the correct structure

  • Uses HTTPS
  • Has your correct domain
  • When you execute the request, it downloads the file correctly.


Next install the mobile application. Point it to your nextcloud domain name when attempting to login. Allow access to your mobile app. It should connect correctly if you have setup the configuration in config.php correctly.

NextCloud has a ton more features than just sharing files with your mobile app or via the web app. I haven’t looked into them yet, but let me know what features you find are valuable in the comments. I’d also be interested in hearing if there are ‘fixes’ that need to be made to this document.

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