Setup WebDAV Sync to Your External Drive

Setup WebDAV Sync to Your External Drive

Backup Your Synology NAS to BackBlaze

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  1. Backup Synology to BackBlaze Prerequisites
  2. Setup WebDAV Sync to Your External Drive
  3. Map Your USB Drive as an External Drive on Your NAS
  4. Sync Your External Drive to BackBlaze

We’re going to be using WebDAV sync since this is fairly easy to setup.

Setup the WebDAV Server on the NAS

Install WebDAV Server from the package center. Set it up according to the Synology documentation.

Go to Cloud Sync package from the package manager (or install it if you haven’t already). Click on the + in the lower left and add a new WebDAV sync.

In the window, server address will be localhost:5005 then user your user account and password (if you’re administrator).

Call the connection name extbackup, local path will be the first volume or folder that you want to sync. Remote folder will be the folder in your home volume that you’ve mounted the USB drive to (I recommend making folders in extbackup for each volume you want to sync). Change Sync direction to be Upload local changes only.

Click Schedule Settings and click the Enable checkbox and hit OK

Click Next on the task setting screen. This should setup a WebDAV sync and should start syncing your volume to the USB drive. If you want to sync more volumes, you can do that from CloudSync in your extbackup WebDAV sync settings.

Make sure that the Schedule Tab for the Cloud Sync is Enabled

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