Synology Configuration for Bitwarden

Synology Configuration for Bitwarden

Set Up a Password Manager with Bitwarden

Learn how to install bitwarden on your home network and migrate passwords from Lastpass

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  1. Installing Bitwarden
  2. Synology Configuration for Bitwarden
  3. Setup Your Bitwarden Clients

We need to do a few things to synology to allow access to bitwarden outside of our network.

Add a Reverse Proxy Entry

If you haven’t set up the reverse proxy yet, follow the instructions here.

My configuration looks like this

You’ll also need to add an entry in your existing certificate entry for the new subdomain. Go to Control Panel/Security/Certificate. Edit the correct certificate and add an entry for your bitwarden subdomain.

Domain Management

If your following my reverse proxy scheme, you’ll also need to add an entry in your DNS configuration to point bitwarden to your home subdomain.

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