Setup Your Bitwarden Clients

Setup Your Bitwarden Clients

Set Up a Password Manager with Bitwarden

Learn how to install bitwarden on your home network and migrate passwords from Lastpass

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  1. Installing Bitwarden
  2. Synology Configuration for Bitwarden
  3. Setup Your Bitwarden Clients

Now that you’ve got bitwarden installed and running we’re going to configure the clients to connect to it. I’ll also cover migrating passwords from Lastpass to Bitwarden.

Creating a User

You’ll need to have SSL setup correctly before you can create a user. This is straightforward though, just go to the domain name you gave your bitwarden instance in the reverse proxy and create your account from the homescreen.

Install Chrome Extension

The link to the chrome extension is here. Pin the extension to the bookmark. Before you login for the first time, click the cog in the top left

And type the name of your domain in the self-hosted environment box

Then you should be able to log in as normal.

Android Application

Bitwarden has an android app as well. You’ll have to do the same self-hosted configuration on the login screen for the app as well.

LastPass Migration

First, we need to get an export of the lastpass data from the lastpass vault. Open the vault in a browser.

Scroll down to Advanced Options and select Export Data

After you confirm your master password, LastPass should export a .csv file to your download directory automatically.

In the bitwarden app, go to tools, import data

Select lastpass csv from the dropdown

Select the export file that lastpass generated and hit Import Data.

VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure that you hard delete the exported password file. You do not want this file laying around in your download folder or hanging out in your recycle bin.

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