Starting EmulationStation and Theme Setup

Starting EmulationStation and Theme Setup

Learn how to assemble, install and customize retropie to build a home emulation console.

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  1. Overview and Prerequisites For Building a RetroPie
  2. Flashing Retropie
  3. RetroPie First Startup
  4. Installing ROMs
  5. Scraping ROM Metadata
  6. Adding Themes and Splashscreen
  7. Adding Background Music to EmulationStation
  8. Starting EmulationStation and Theme Setup

We should be all done except for a few things that we need to be in emulationstation for. Lets reboot the Pi to the emulationstation start screen.

Starting EmulationStation

You should have seen your splash screen on boot and hear your music startup shortly after emulationstation started. Congratulations!

Picking a Theme

Hit start (menu) scroll down to UI Settings, then Theme Set, hit left/right to pick your theme, back out to emulationstation. You should see your theme applied.


We are all done. Let me know if you would like additional pages around things like hiding the boot screen output, configuring controls for individual consoles or anything else you can think of. Just let me know in the comments.


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