Synchronize Your Android Photos to Your NAS

Synchronize Your Android Photos to Your NAS

Migrating Away From Google Photo Storage

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  1. Migrating Away From Google Photos Using your NAS : Overview
  2. Synchronize Your Android Photos to Your NAS
  3. Use Google Takeout to Backfill your Photo Sync

The first step is to synchronize the photos that you take on your device to your NAS. The nice part of this solution is that you can use both google photos as well as your NAS for data synchronization, so if you decide that you don’t like or want to sync to your NAS, you’ll never miss a beat continuing to use the google photos solution (and you have yet another backup of your photos).

Install DS File onto your Android Device

First, install DS File onto your device using the play store.

Then, you’ll want to log into the application using your synology quick connect ID and your administrator username and password.

Now, quickly make a directory in your home account on the NAS where you will store your photos. I have a special backup directory in my home directory (/volume1/brian/b2-backup) and so I created a folder under that ((/volume1/brian/b2-backup/camera-backup).

Now from the DS File application, go to the menu (3 bars in the top left corner)

Then select photo backup

Now configure your photo sync. Point backup destination to the photo backup directory you just created on your NAS. Set backup source to be the DCIM folder (default location where newly taken photos show up). I chose upload on WiFi when I didn’t have an unlimited data plan (but I do now and will change this). I do not check upload photos only because if you do, you won’t sync video.

That’s it. Every new photo and video you take should now sync from your phone to your NAS. You should definitely test it to confirm. This will not interfere with any google photo sync already in place.

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