Kubernetes Application Hosted in the Cloud

Kubernetes Application Hosted in the Cloud

Kubernetes Application Hosted in the Cloud

full course
  1. Kubernetes Application Hosted in the Cloud
  2. Cloud Kube | Create Github Repo
  3. Cloud Kube | Simple REST Endpoint and Test
  4. Cloud Kube | Build Pipeline Initialization
  5. Cloud Kube | Docker Build and Registry
  6. Cloud Kube | Helm Initialization and Chart Publishing
  7. Cloud Kube | Setup Cloud Hosting
  8. Kube Cloud | Automate Kube Deploy

It’s been a few years since my last spring boot based kubernetes application. That course ended with a microservice deployed into kubernetes via minikube locally. I’m using this course to expand on that effort.

In this course I’m going to show a few ways to do the same things in a better way. For example, writing component tests using test containers instead of embedded h2 database. I’ll also show a better way to get tracing through open telemetry instead of using spring cloud sleuth. Finally, I’ll show how to build the CICD pipeline with github actions instead of codefresh.

Additionally, I’ll be showing some new things. Setting up a container repository in the cloud. Setting up log aggregation through a hosted service. Additionally, how to deploy your services into a cloud based kubernetes environment.

This time, I’m not going to be holding hands as much as the previous course. I’m going to assume that you know the basics of maven and spring boot. The reasoning behind the testing and design choices I’ve outlined before. Basically, I’ll be linking to related articles in the original course, but not rehashing them unless my thinking about those topics has evolved.

However, the end goal is the same: teach you how to be a full software development lifecycle engineer that understands the basics of setting up your development environment, understanding design concepts, writing spring boot based microservices and testing them in addition to setting up a build and deploy pipeline that will get your working code into a live environment. This time though, it will be more like a true production process in an environment that you could drive real traffic at.

So, lets get started…

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