Installing Community Packages on Synology

Installing Community Packages on Synology

Synology offers some great and useful tools out of the box through the Synology DSM. However, it doesn’t offer a linux package manager via the command line interface (like apt-get). This means that a lot of useful command line tools are unavailable out of the box. This article will explain how to install the community tools which will make your Synology server even more powerful.

Installing the Community Tools

Open the Synology DSM (http://${your synology ip}:5001) and navigate to Package Center.

Click on Settings

In the General tab, in the Trust Level section, choose Synology Inc and trusted publishers.

Go to the Package Sources tab and click Add.

In Name type SynoCommunity in Location type and click OK

Go back to the Package Center and you should see a new tab for Community.

Click on Community and review all of the new packages that are available. At the very least, I suggest adding Git immediately. Git can be installed just like any other package in the package center. This will make the git command line tool available via SSH

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